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Additional Images


Thank you to Colin Reardon of Monkshatch, who kindly supplied the following images for inclusion on the website.

The picture on the left pre-dates the existing 'Monkshatch'. George and Mary Watts frequently visited, (as guests of Andrew and May Hitchens) to escape the London smog.


The image of Pilgrim's Way, under Lutyen's Bridge leading to Monkshatch, is dated 31st August 1959.      


This postcard of Compton village was sent from Pear Tree Cottage in 1905 to Miss B Mills of Churchill Road in Guildford

John Young kindly agreed to the inclusion of this photograph of The Street, taken looking toward Eastbury Lane on the left. CLICK to ENLARGE

Thanks to Phil Gorton who has given permission for the pictures below (all taken from the top of St Nicholas Church) to be used on this site.