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        Village Fetes - 2006

Compton Village Fete


Saturday 20th May


The Compton fete is the result of a

collaborative effort between The Village

Association and the villagers, A thoroughly

enjoyable day is had by all, come rain or shine.

In 2005 a total profit of £6,332 was made,

donations from which, went to, Compo, The

Allotments Society, The Compton News,

and the Village Hall.


2006 saw less favourable weather conditions.

 Proving that us 'Surrey Dwellers' are made of

stern stuff, many turned out for the event

and £4,511 was raised...the 2nd highest ever

amount raised.


Plants & produce did particularly well this year

and the furthest balloon was found in

Frankfurt! Some of the gazebos also took flight hopefully not as far as Franfurt though.


Yet again Jane Turner sold the most grand

draw tickets. Full details of prizes and monies raised can be found in the Compton News.


Stalls & activities typically include;


Books & Videos & CD's ~ Bric-a-Brac ~ Teas & IceCream ~ Plants ~ Tombola ~ Barbecue ~ Cakes ~ Hoop-La ~ Trailer Rides ~ Pimms Tent ~ Bits & Pieces ~ Kitchen & Bathroom ~ Bouncy Castle ~ Notelets ~ Pick-a-Card ~ Fun Fair ~ Coconut Shy ~ Football ~ Finding Neverland ~ Balloon Race


Eastbury Manor Garden Fete


Saturday 17th June


Eastbury Manor garden fete takes place in the grounds of what is now the BUPA nursing home between St Nicholas Church and Eastbury Lane ( access aquired from both lanes).


It is worth visiting, just to see the grounds  which house 2 ancient yew trees and a large lake.   Money raised by the                                            traditional stalls and                                           activities will go to Age                                       Concern